Digital Marketing

We will manage a variety of advertising options across various channels and will work with you to determine the most appropriate for your needs.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

One third of our planet is tweeting, liking, sharing and hash-tagging everything we can think of! For a business, you want to gain more exposure and become more visible to your target market. Keeping your business top of mind is the ultimate goal and social media is key to delivering that.


Many potential customers will research your organisation online via social media networks and by visiting your website. The more your audience engages with your content the more likely it is they will share and endorse you as a company/service provider.

Like all of our content we develop purposeful, convincing and converting content. We work with you on a dedicated social media strategy to increase your overall following, to develop credible messages and to convert potential clients. Depending on your goals we will also work hard to develop a profile campaign to elevate you to a thought leadership platform.


We use one of the best social media content management services providing up to date statistics an improvement measures to ensure that your business never misses an opportunity to engage. We can fully manage your social media postings, content and approach for you or work alongside you with guidance, analysis and advice.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC) is a way of advertising and driving traffic to your website. It typically means that you pay each time an advert is clicked on. A PPC campaign is easily adaptable and budgets can be capped enabling you to keep control of your spend whilst tweaking to suit, depending on results. At fortitude we have a wealth of experience in managing such campaigns, dialling up and down depending on success.


Various channels offer similar tools and we work alongside you to determine appropriateness, expected outcomes, budgets and align to strategy to ensure we choose the best option for the best possible return.

E-Newsletters / E-Mail Marketing

E-mail has been around for more than two decades and isn't going anywhere, but with the advent of General Data Protection Guidelines (GDPR), the way in which we use data and how we market to our prospects has changed.


fortitude work with our clients to ensure that all emails are trustworthy, relevant, conversational, are co-ordinated across channels and most importantly strategic. We can also link emails to incumbent systems.