About Us

fortitude.expert, a digital marketing and communications agency that cares, that's rare!

Our leadership has worked for and alongside a spectrum of organisations delivering value at every level. Having worked for organisations buying marketing services as well as being the provider of such services, the whole team appreciates the needs of our clients and that remains pivotal in everything we do. 


Our accredited marketing, consumer psychology and web development professionals design, develop and implement integrated programmes for you based on strategic imperatives. Our background in management, business and marketing means we take the time to understand you, your teams and your goals.  We care, and we want to make your business successful.


You are the epi-centre of everthing we do and having been in your shoes many times, we fully understand the everyday pressures and challenges you juggle and have designed our business around that very premise.

How we work with our clients?

We value our client relationships based on a true partnership. We work alongside you to focus on your long-term success. We are confident that our services will deliver results, and those results will add value to your business. Our aim is to allow you to do more. 


Our pricing structure reflects this partnership approach and despite there being a lot of front loaded development work we work on the basis of a monthly fee for the duration of our agreement. This means we don't clock-watch or penny pinch every single item of work - we are more focused on the strategic longer-term bigger picture outcomes.


We do however appreciate a monthly arrangement might not suit everyone, and as such we are more than happy to work on a per project basis.

Project Management

Every project we undertake for you receives the same high-quality service levels and professional support:

  • Approachable, flexible, expert team who we encourage access to.
  • Regular meetings to ensure all project work is working and most importantly that it remains in-keeping with the ongoing needs of your business.
  • Regular performance analytics with robust improvement suggestions and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking.
  • First class project management and overall strategic counsel.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) - we work hard to ensure that all marketing communications we manage for you are harmonious, working with each other and are consistent in delivery.

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"our full service digital team work with our clients to build, grow and keep a strong digital presence. We work with companies on all aspects of their presence from designing, developing and improving websites, brand awareness, social media, content management and organic promotion".